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Grafik Develops Identity for the Smithsonian Latino Center

Grafik is pleased to announce that it has been selected to develop a new brand identity for the Smithsonian Latino Center, the preeminent organization within the Smithsonian Institution that facilitates national educational programs and exhibits focusing on the arts and sciences, culture and technology emanating from the Latino experience.

Grafik will help the Center articulate its role within the Smithsonian and to the general public through the creation of a series of communications tools designed to reflect the energy and passion surrounding the Center’s goals. Brand standard guidelines will be created so that the organization may implement the new identity across their communications needs.

“The Smithsonian Latino Center selected Grafik as a partner based on our identity work done for the National Museum of the American Indian” said Principal and Creative Director Gregg Glaviano. “We are excited to take on the challenge of representing the Center through the diversity, color, textures and passion surrounded by Pan-Latino cultures.”

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