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GM “Re-invention” or more of the same?

I work in the advertising industry, but for the life of me I just don’t get the ad execs that recommended that GM, on the very day it files for bankruptcy, leaving thousands unemployed, creditors owed and the people of the US of A holding the bag—how on that very day can they recommend  launching a completely meaningless, self absorbed  TV campaign?!!

If you really want to reinvent yourself,question the wisdom of placing a video instead of plowing that money back where it belongs—getting this behemoth up and running again. All these “victory images”—hackneyed, and trite. Instead give us straight talk and action.

Now what I will give them credit for is putting up a pretty good “reinvention” web site that does answer lots of questions… of course some marketing hype. But at least on this microsite you get detailed information on concrete actions.

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