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Doing Good is Good for Business

Gift cards available to all guests wherein you can donate the amount enclosed to a charity of your choice
Gift cards available to all guests wherein you can donate the amount enclosed to a charity of your choice

Client: Anybill
Title: Doing Good is Good for Business, Event Branding
Exposure: Logo / Save-the-Date Email / Invitation / Event Signage / PowerPoint / Additional Event Collateral: T-shirt, napkins, name tag, and photobooth artwork
The Challenge: Generate interest in attending an annual informative event on corporate social responsibility hosted by Anybill on the rooftop of Charlie Palmer Steak
The Solution: Brand the event — “Doing Good is Good for Business”
The Result: Drawing in nearly 100 guests, this was Anybill’s most successful event in their philanthropic series to date. The overwhelming feedback leaves a lot of anticipation for next year.

“Doing Good is Good for Business is an effort to bring together the local business and social community for a common cause and purpose. That purpose is to highlight and foster the relationship between business and community, while recognizing that one cannot exist without the other.  In fact, it is a co-dependent and symbiotic relationship. When local business supports the community, the community in turn can better support local businesses. We believe this to be true and have demonstrated our commitment to this principle through our support of Companies for Causes, the Catalogue of Philanthropy – Greater Washington, and our own in-house Corporate Social Responsibility program, Pay It Forward.”

Peter Bepler, President/Co-Founder of Anybill

Invitation (cover)
Invitation (cover)

Invitation (interior)
Invitation (interior)

Anybill Banners

Anybill Napkins

T-shirt modeled by Grafik designer Brandon
T-shirt modeled by Grafik designer Brandon

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