Vantage Data Centers ESG Report

A global vision locally adapted

As Vantage transformed from a regional player to a global industry leader, Grafik’s expertise in crafting a visually captivating and content-rich report proved instrumental in conveying the company’s unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and governance.

After completing a successful rebrand, Vantage Data Centers approached Grafik to design their annual ESG report with the primary goal of communicating their dedication to sustainability and showcasing the significant growth they achieved over the year. The target audience for the report included Vantage's investors and stakeholders, emphasizing the need for a visually captivating and informative presentation that could stand alone and also align seamlessly with the Vantage brand.

Grafik’s approach was multifaceted, involving close collaboration with internal stakeholders and the meticulous development of content, design elements, and visuals. Our team conducted extensive interviews with key internal stakeholders at Vantage to gain a comprehensive understanding of their sustainability initiatives, milestones, and future goals. By aligning the report’s tone of voice with Vantage’s values and brand guidelines, we ensured a consistent and engaging narrative throughout, leveraging the following key features: 

Visual Identity: To evoke the theme of “global vision locally adapted,” Grafik incorporated circular design elements that symbolized Vantage’s expansion from a regional entity to a global player. This visual motif was seamlessly integrated into the report, reinforcing the company’s commitment to growth and adaptation.

Team Member Highlights: Recognizing the importance of showcasing Vantage’s dedicated employees, the report included profiles and photographs of individual team members from various locations worldwide. The collaboration with photographers from different regions, such as Colorado and London, was harmonized by Grafik to maintain visual consistency across the report.

Growth Illustration: Vantage’s remarkable expansion, with the opening of 13 new data centers across different continents in the past year, was highlighted through visual representations and texture. This served to underscore the company’s rapid growth and its positive impact on the global technology landscape.

Data Visualization: The report successfully transformed complex data and charts into easily digestible visuals, ensuring that readers could effortlessly comprehend and appreciate Vantage’s achievements. Grafik’s expertise in crafting informative and visually appealing data visualizations played a vital role in enhancing the report’s accessibility.

Editorial Focus: By minimizing the use of stock photography and leveraging editorial images sourced from around the world, the report embraced authenticity and global diversity. This approach strengthened Vantage’s narrative and showcased their connection with communities across the globe.

The ESG report has been well-received by Vantage’s investors and stakeholders, driving engagement and fostering a deeper understanding of the company’s sustainable practices. And the report’s impact extends beyond its standalone presence. Grafik’s design and content elements have been successfully integrated across other channels, including Vantage’s website and social media platforms, ensuring consistent messaging and amplifying the report’s reach.

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