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Launching Ligado Networks

In a story that’s already appeared in the Wall Street Journal and countless industry publications, New LightSquared has rebranded itself as Ligado Networks. In an eight-month engagement that included strategic planning, naming, testing, visual identity development, and website design and development, Grafik led the Ligado team to a successful launch this week.

It was an opportunity to highlight the evolution of a big player in the telecommunications ecosystem. Moving forward, Ligado Networks intends to deliver next-generation connectivity—a strategic shift for a network service operator that had focused solely on providing satellite connectivity throughout the U.S. and Canada.

CEO, Doug Smith spoke to employees in a packed house on Wednesday morning, many of them already wearing their new corporate t-shirts. “As our lives become more mobile in an increasingly connected world,” he said, “the Ligado Networks brand underscores our mission to provide the mobile connections that support a growing variety of emerging applications.”

Ligado was one of a half dozen names we tested. Ultimately, it was the one everyone embraced. It translates from Portuguese and Spanish as being connected and ready to go. It clearly points to the company’s vision, and lays a foundation for brand storytelling. Similarly, the mantra, Making Stronger Connections, speaks as much to the relationships the company fosters as it does to the technology it advances.

The Grafik team created a high-impact brand identity that is already distinguishing Ligado Networks, and creating a design vocabulary for a lot of material still to come. It has been a great experience working with everyone on the client side, and we look forward to helping establish the Ligado Networks brand as a powerful leader in telecom.

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