Harvey | Harvey Cleary

Building a website that elevates a construction management leader

Harvey | Harvey-Cleary is a leading, full-service general contractor headquartered in Houston, Texas, providing preconstruction, design-build and construction management services for a variety of commercial projects nationwide. With a focus on relationship-driven projects, Harvey | Harvey Cleary has established itself as a reputable partner in the commercial building industry. 

They came to Grafik with an outdated website and a desire for a new, refreshed site to not only inform site visitors of their projects and offering, but to also act as a means to garner new relationships with interested parties. Their old website did not have the creative prowess or functionality to work for them the way they needed it to, nor did it display the company’s purpose and focus on relationship-driven partnerships.

To kick the project off, Grafik dove into their current website – what worked, what didn’t work. With a robust discovery and immersion phase, Grafik established what all would be required to evolve their website into a tool that worked to their benefit by expressing their offering and emphasis on relationships. With the project plan in place, our team outlined and proposed a new digital strategy and subsequent information architecture for Harvey | Harvey Cleary. This drove the parameters in which our UX team designed the site.  

Our UX team implemented a more streamlined web flow with subtle animations and bold colors to ensure the user stayed engaged upon finding themselves on the homepage. The design also utilized Harvey Cleary’s robust photo bank of completed projects. Grafik wanted to ensure that Harvey | Harvey Cleary’s work spoke for itself throughout the website. 

Once design was approved, our development team jumped in to build the site. Outside of our usual development work, the team also ensured the forms and API integrations throughout the new user experience were embedded seamlessly. 

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