Ground Control

Reaching clients' boundless potential

As trusted advisors to Hollywood’s top actors, producers, and industry executives, Savitsky, Satin, Bacon and Bucci are business managers who offer a broad array of financial concierge  services. With new leadership, rapid growth and a vision to serve high net worth individuals in other industries, SSBB came to Grafik looking for a memorable brand name that underscored the team approach to client relationships rather than the founders and partners. 

In order to better serve its more than 200 clients across the U.S. and internationally, SSBB had added many young partners, creating a diverse team. Through primary research as well as worksessions with senior executives, Grafik discovered an opportunity for a new name and brand identity to better reflect the collaborative culture and the extraordinary expertise.

The analogy that resonated the most was that of NASA’s mission control team, the people who manage all the logistics and decision-making down on the Earth so astronauts can do extraordinary things in space. Grafik recommended the brand name, Ground Control Business Management, and the mantra, “Just how far will you go?” to highlight the firm’s unique ability to help clients meet their boundless potential. 

The elegantly simple logo is intended to show how the firm encircles clients, and the clean, crisp visual identity came to life on a new website, on marketing collateral and office interiors. 

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