Brookfield Properties

Engaging teams, energizing business

As Brookfield Properties was setting out to evolve a tenant engagement program and roll it out to prime locations around the country, leadership turned to Grafik to develop a compelling value proposition. Aptly named, Activated would become a key feature of Brookfield’s considerable commercial real estate portfolio.


Work began during the pandemic with stakeholder workshops conducted online by the Grafik team. Our sessions surfaced tenants’ needs, desires, and highly positive sentiments about Brookfield. We combined insights from primary research efforts with national findings on employee well-being, and developed a strategic messaging framework that underscored the program’s power to energize business — a concept critical for all audiences.

Grafik then brought the brand to life through a bold new identity. We applied it across a wide variety of channels, and designed a campaign to welcome tenants back to the office, and introduce Activated to existing tenants, prospective tenants, and broker audiences.

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