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A revolutionary rebrand

Aireon is a trailblazer in airspace data and technology. Air traffic surveillance was instantly transformed with the advent of their space-based Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) technology. More than 70% of the world’s airspace had always been unseen, limited to visual position reports and flight plans. But space-based ADS-B promised 100% global flight tracking, and Aireon made it possible.

The world’s largest Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) signed on even as the Aireon system was just reaching full capacity, and partnerships with other key industry stakeholders followed. But Aireon’s data has applications that go beyond ANSPs, into many other arenas of aviation and aerospace. And after almost a decade of planning, Aireon was ready to develop a sales and marketing strategy to reach those audiences. So leadership turned to Grafik.

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From the start, Grafik’s brand strategy team worked closely with Aireon's C-suite executives to develop a clear story that underscored the revolutionary significance of Aireon’s ADS-B technology. With a central organizing theme of Advancing Aviation, Grafik delivered a messaging platform and honed the purpose, mission, and vision statements to align the internal team and drive value.

Our designers then created a new forward-looking image vocabulary and established consistency across all channels, following up with a new trade show experience just in time for the industry’s most important event.

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This same visual identity was showcased and expanded in Aireon’s new corporate website. After reviewing competitors, analytics, and audiences, Grafik put together a web strategy that not only met the level of the new visual identity, but gave Aireon the tools and flexibility to maximize outreach efforts.

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Designed and delivered with the continued engagement of leadership, the new website highlights the groundbreaking applications and benefits of Aireon’s data for users in a variety of roles across the aviation and aerospace industry. Emphasizing a robust, flexible product lineup, the website positions Aireon for growth into new audiences. It is a critical asset in the comprehensive, ongoing marketing strategy that Grafik is implementing.

Grafik created a wide-reaching marketing and media plan that amplifies the new brand identity and website, positioning Aireon to reach new customers in key markets globally. And as Aireon continues to develop products and applications for its revolutionary ADS-B technology, Grafik will be able to adjust and refine the story, website, and marketing efforts to get Aireon in front of the users whose work can be transformed by that technology.

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