American College of Radiology

Capturing the value of accreditation

As the accepted gold standard of diagnostic imaging credentials for facilities across the country, earning one of the varied ACR Accreditations was often faced with trepidation by administrators, physicians and technologists alike. Employing a rigorous and blinded-peer-review process, these accreditations are designed to raise the bar for everyone practicing this aspect of healthcare so critical to successful patient outcomes thanks to early and accurate diagnoses. With new entrants into the accreditation space touting lower costs and faster awarding, it was imperative that facilities knew the facts. Without sacrificing any of the rigor that established its industry leader status, a simplified online process and deeper, ongoing ACR accreditation staff support make earning the award a more pleasant experience.

To spread the word on these recent upgrades to the award process, Grafik identified opportunities for organic content and paid marketing campaigns that included Facebook and LinkedIn ads, as well as PCP, display and retargeting ads. New email outreach in particular resulted in a nearly 50% improvement in open rate and generated more than 50 form completions in one month alone.

Bespoke messages for the varied target audiences were supported and made credible by the newly architected web pages where radiologists were presented a friendlier web experience. Grafik optimized user experience and on-page SEO to improve site engagement and increase conversions. Providing a website experience that surfaces the value of ACR credentials while simplifying navigation, delivering relevant content to unique users, and offering the ability to scale in support of future marketing efforts helped ACR Accreditation retain its market share and maintain the sobriquet of gold standard.

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