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Websites Have Floorplans Too

10 years of designing EYA websites, and this is the best year ever.

You’d think I’d get bored or jaded, but because the tools are better, our own approach to the digital space keeps evolving, and our client totally gets it, the opportunity to create things you’re proud of just keeps expanding.

This year alone, we’ve already rolled out three neighborhood websites. The challenge was that each had to be unique, with its own look and feel, while still living under the overarching EYA brand.

I’d like to talk about the site for Grosvenor Heights, luxury three-level townhomes—with elevators and private rooftop spaces—very near the heart of Bethesda. Remarkably for such a built-out part of the metro region, EYA was able to build them in a heavily wooded area, keeping the surrounding trees and creating a restful enclave that is still minutes from major thoroughfares and retail centers.

With nearly floor-to-ceiling windows and rooftop decks that would let us visually establish both the luxury and expansiveness of the townhomes, we decided to approach the site design in a way that was analogous to the homes. We built it on a much wider responsive grid. This gave greater play to videos that captured the distinctive flavor of what this neighborhood offers.

Take a Look

The homepage for EYA Grosvenor Heights' new website, "Discover the OASIS next door".

Arthur Hsu, Former Interactive Art Director
Arthur Hsu

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