Grafik The Right Idea written on a brick wall

Time To Play It Unsafe

Funny how we call ourselves creative thinkers, but go about our work the same way day after day. We’ve developed our own tried and tested formulas for problem-solving. We’ve chosen the tools, the process and the atmosphere that makes us most comfortable. And in doing so we’ve created a safety zone.

Now don’t get me wrong, playing it safe in an awful economy is never a bad idea. It’s just not the way to get to the best solution. Breakthroughs only occur after you’ve hit the wall once or twice, and in truth, most of us aren’t willing to put up with that kind of pain. No, we prefer comfort.

In the most recent issue of CA, Milton Glaser says one of his greatest influences was Picasso. “His incredible willingness to abandon his own accomplishments … was the most important thing you could learn from Picasso; this incredible desire to give up what you know and always move toward uncharted waters. That ambition, is what I thought was extraordinary.”

We all know the uncharted waters Glaser’s referring to. When we first got into this business, that’s where we spent most of our time. And now that we’re a little older, (and hopefully a little wiser) it’s where we need to return.

So let’s go. There are no rewards for safety. So let’s go get uncomfortable.

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