Grafik The Right Idea written on a brick wall

This oughta get your attention!

How do you get prospects to sit up and take notice? If you’re Software AG, you send an iPod Touch loaded with special video content in a custom box. As you might expect, response has been pretty phenomenal. In a report delivered last week, our client cited a response rate of 23% — but that number is still growing. And all this means that dollars signs will soon follow.

SoftwareAG's custom box

Of course, you’re probably thinking this extraordinary effort had an extraordinary price tag. And you’d be wrong. The cost was absolutely appropriate for the task, which was to get meetings with a select group of hard-to-reach C-level decision-makers — executives surrounded by gatekeepers. Software AG was successful because they understand customers’ lifetime value. They know the cost of an iPod is nothing compared to the overall worth of a new client. And with that knowledge, they asked us to develop a campaign delivering a pointed message that clearly articulated how Software AG could change the way prospects do business.

Thanks, Software AG for being a great client. And a great marketer.

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