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So you want to be a futurist…

So you want to be a futurist: try answering these 7 questions about the next half century.

The only certainty about predictions is that most are terribly wrong. Still, with the pace of technological change, it’s worth taking a run at some of these questions.

1. Will a completely connected world mean even more people will learn English as a second language, or will better and better translation software ultimately render learning other languages a thing of the past (which I think would be a shame)?

2. What will happen to Flo from Progressive when we all have autonomous cars? Or put another way, who will be buying car insurance? What will happen to the industry? And will traffic accidents disappear?

3. Will every musical performance have back-up dancers?

4. Will the notion of privacy go the way of spats and the necktie?

5. Once we’re able to grow replacement parts from our own cells, will only the wealthy get to live (nearly) forever?

6. Will space tourism be a real thing? (I think it will start strong, but quickly lose its appeal—VR will be cheaper and safer.)

7. What will our grandchildren find most amusing about smartphones?

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