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The Parker — More Than A Residence, It’s a Lifestyle

Property marketing for apartments has changed dramatically in recent years with developers eager to create unique brand identities and branded experiences. We recently had the opportunity to launch a one-of-a-kind identity for a new residence from MRP Realty and Bozzuto. From naming the property to infusing it with an ownable style, we brought The Parker to life.

The name was inspired by jazz music–elegant and sophisticated, but also intimate and relaxed. And as we dove into conceptual development, we realized that creating a literal persona for the building, Parker, would bring the brand to life in a way that would appeal to our younger, urban-oriented target demo.

“I envisioned Parker as a well-connected friend that embodies the characteristics of the building and who could introduce potential residents to the best of the DC metro area,” says Senior Designer Carrie Madigan. “This persona gave us a way to highlight the features of The Parker without using typical marketing speak. Rather than saying that the property was luxurious with great metro access, we would demonstrate Parker’s high standards and post photos of Parker’s night out at a hot new restaurant.”

We developed creative tactics to implement over 18 months to reach an audience that is challenging to reach through traditional media vehicles. During construction, potential residents got to know Parker through a guide to the area’s good life written in his voice. Through this gradual reveal, engagement levels increase organically leading to the grand opening and beyond—new residents even have the option to decorate a feature wall in their new apartment with one of the brand’s bold patterns. Personifying The Parker allows for a flexible and dynamic brand experience after the initial leasing timeframe as well. Resident-targeted social media, events, and handwritten notes on personalized stationery continue to reach residents and prospects.

“The beauty of personifying the residence is that ‘Parker’ is neither male nor female—neither a Millennial, nor Gen Xer. Parker is whatever the audience imagines Parker to be,” says John Vitorovich, Grafik Creative Director and Principal. “They get to interact and engage with Parker on their own terms. Parker has the ability to stay relevant because Parker changes with the times. Parker is credible, hip, and consistent when it comes to taste and style.”

The work was featured in the August 3rd issue of Communication Arts, but more important is the reaction of our partners at MRP—they love the work, and are thrilled with the response they’re getting.“Grafik’s vision integrated seamlessly with our design and construction,” says MRP Residential Principal John Begert.“Every piece of marketing produced by Grafik projects the essence of The Parker.”

Merchand Minor, Former Senior Manager, Client Services
Marchand Cox

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