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Grafik to Brand the City of Lynchburg, Virginia

Grafik is pleased to announce that we have been selected by the city of Lynchburg’s Marketing Partnership to develop a distinguishing brand for the city. Comprised of representatives from municipal departments and external agencies, the Marketing Partnership realized its need to develop a consistent brand that would be effective in communicating Lynchburg’s unique offerings to its various audiences ranging from citizens and tourists to job seekers and entrepreneurs. Located near the geographic center of Virginia, nestled among the Blue Ridge Mountains, the city of Lynchburg has a lot to tout between its rich American history, nationally recognized urban trail system and up and coming downtown.

As a strategic partner for this initiative, Grafik has already begun working closely with the Marketing Partnership in setting the foundation for Lynchburg’s branding effort that will include development of a new visual identity and marketing campaign. According to Lance Wain, Grafik’s Vice President of Marketing and New Business Development, “Grafik is excited to work with such an esteemed Virginian landmark, and we look forward to making Lynchburg a must-visit destination.”

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