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Global Automakers Redesign: Part 1 of 2

Grafik has launched phase one of a staged website revamp for Global Automakers.  In February, a sleek, responsive look for the homepage was launched, an approach which mirrors the clean lines and green design of Global Automakers’ K Street office.

Built on Drupal 7 with additional custom code, the page features an elegantly-scaling slider which showcases large photography and a new video lightbox. The look and functionality of the navigation strip were enhanced with color, text, and drop-downs to improve impact and ease of use.

Big plans are afoot for the sequence of Economic Impact blocks. These will ultimately click through to a highly-interactive Economic Impact experience, drawing on national and state-level economic statistics.

Global Automakers' New Homepage
Grafik gave Global Automakers’ website a makeover with a fresh new look for their homepage.

Global Automakers Economic Impact Tool
Grafik revamped Global Automakers’ Economic Impact Tool with additional features and an updated look.

To provide a richer experience in the interim, the previous Economic Impact page (which consisted of simple text and bullet points) was also improved by way of an embedded video and some more graphics and downloadable information.

Stay tuned for more news as the rest of the updates go live!

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Laura Peterson

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