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Brand Overhaul for JK Moving Services

JK Moving Services is no longer the area’s best kept secret. Fresh from a brand overhaul, the nation’s third largest independent mover is quickly gaining ramping up marketing efforts, and attracting customers preparing to move their families, their offices, and their employees. Armed with solid research, Grafik helped JK identify a distinct competitive advantage, and leverage an astonishing string of ongoing testimonials. The newly revamped brand architecture includes smart new naming conventions that highlight the mix of services, as well as platforms that promote cross-selling.

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Grafik’s comprehensive program touched every aspect of the brand including a powerful brandline (What Matters Most), and a new corporate logo. We redesigned JK’s trucks and uniforms, developed a full suite of print and online sales materials, managed a significant website overhaul, and established  a robust social media presence with active Twitter and Facebook accounts, SEM, and a company blog.

With a mandate to convert prospects into clients, Grafik made a strong recommendation to transfer media dollars spent on conventional placements to online paid search and key words. We also simplified the call to action by removing the myriad phone numbers found on all their previous materials and replacing them with — a change most notable on JK’s most prominent advertising presence, the moving trucks.

The company that appeared to be a local “mom and pop” moving company now feels like a national carrier of choice. Of course, the work is just beginning. Look for more great things to come from JK Moving Services.

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Teddi Segal

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