Coordinator, Business Development

Ian Olsen

As Grafik‚Äôs newest business development team member, Ian brings a unique perspective shaped by an unconventional journey. Originally on the path to becoming a dentist, Ian transitioned from dental school to pursue a passion for business. With a knack for strategic thinking and relationship building, Ian has quickly made a mark at Grafik. His diverse background allows him to understand clients’ unique challenges, all with delightful bedside manner.

Much like most in business development, Ian channels his competitive spirit into hobbies like mountain bike racing, lacrosse, and who can drink the most coffee. His eye for detail is obvious in identifying client challenges and building furniture in his spare time. As a proud Philly native, Ian is an avid supporter of Philly sports teams, bringing the same enthusiasm and dedication to his work at Grafik.


Ian Olsen's latest thinking