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I am Wonderfilled

The newest campaign from Oreo captured my attention last Sunday night when the anthem spot (a 90-second commercial) aired during Mad Men. The infectious tune has played in my head for almost a week now. And when I don’t hear it in my brain, my wife is actually singing it out loud.

So what is it about this campaign that’s so brilliant? Well, for one, it’s well executed. The Martin Agency has married smart lyrics and happy melody with vibrant animation. It’s impossible not to smile when you watch the commercials.

But there’s something deeper here — something very smart and insightful in all this wonderfullness. Oreo is reaching out to an audience that has forgotten what it’s like to be a kid. As adults, see the world through preconceptions, doubt, and cynicism. Oreo is reminding us to look with openness and curiosity.

For some, these reminders are impossible to miss. Earlier this week, many New Yorkers were greeted by groups of a cappella singers belting out the cheery Oreo anthem. AdAge reports that similar events are planned for Chicago and Los Angeles in the coming weeks.

Clearly, Oreo is intending to deliver complete brand engagement with these experiences. And I would expect there are many more in the works. Why? Because Martin understands the Oreo-buying world is happy to be “wonderfilled” if only for a few moments. And it’s perfectly logical to connect those moments with a brand they’ve loved for a lifetime.

For me, this is one of those advertising campaigns that makes me say, “Wow, I wish I’d done that.” And in the words of the song, I just wanted to pass my wonder on.

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