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Culture & Events / 11.08.2010

Grafik Partner Johnny Vitorovich Gives Keynote Address on Destination Branding at the Virginia Government Communicators Conference

Grafik Partner and Creative Director Johnny Vitorovich addressed county and city representatives at Virginia Government Communicators (VGC) Conference last week in Lynchburg, Virginia.

The VGC is a nonprofit of more than 200 members that advocate honest and effective communications between Virginia residents and government. The VGC invited Vitorovich to speak about the importance of branding based on the success of Grafik’s comprehensive branding initiative for the City of Lynchburg, Virginia.

“At Grafik, branding is one of our core competencies,” said Vitorovich. “So it was a pleasure to be able to deliver a talk of this kind, especially in a location where we have been so intimately involved with the branding of the area.”

Johnny Vitorovich Keynote Address

Grafik’s Johnny Vitorovich and Cheryl Haar presenting at the VGC’s Fall Conference held at the Craddok Terry Hotel and Event Center.

In the presentation “Place Branding—More Than a Logo” Vitorovich discussed some essential elements of destination branding—the integrated use of website, logo, tagline and landmarks. But, he further explained that these elements do not individually constitute a brand, but it is the visitors’ sum of all interactions with all these elements plus their experiences in the places they go that develop the brand.  In short, he gave a “Place Branding 101” presentation complete with best practices and helpful tips. For more information on branding your location, contact Grafik at 703.299.4507.

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