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Twitter. I get it.

OK—so I finally get it. I now understand the power of Twitter. Witness the Iran freedom fighters. The recent use of Twitter surrounding the Iranian election has transformed the way information, political platforms, and movements can evolve and grow quickly. Images, videos, and words all transmitted at lightening speed to the world through servers around the world, is a concept that is hard to grasp—yet it is clear that the way protest movements can now get their word out quickly has forever changed. Twitter as a way to tell your friends you are having a cup of coffee is hard for me to swallow. But Twitter used to capture in image and word the world of repression and the rebirth of a freedom movement is exciting. Twitter as a mechanism for propaganda is also something we should all watch for. The use of this platform is not exclusive to the left- but can easily be appropriated by repressive regimes. Now, at least for me, there is a reason to listen to what all the dialogue is about.

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