Grafik The Right Idea written on a brick wall


As we prepare to launch our new identity—yes, including a blog redesign and web redesign for the anonymous detractors out there…. I have been thinking if stationary is dead. I looked at a matrix of how much stationary we go through and it is surprisingly little. We communicate through emails, pdfs and occasionally fax. But with the exception of proposals and the occasional thank you note—we go through very little formal stationary. I looked at our backlog—at 2 boxes of stationary a month—we have a year’s backlog.

So then I started thinking—should we be thinking differently about stationary—about printing versus printing on demand, about looking at new ways to communicate—and by extension looking at new ways that our clients should be communicating? I would love your thoughts as I try to puzzle this through. Oh—and one more thought—how can we best repurpose our existing 22 boxes of stationary so we use the paper but do not have to put off our new id? Pads have already been suggested—so put on your thinking caps.

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