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Project Natal

One of my best friends sent me this link the other day and I want to share it with you guys. Some of you have probably already seen this, but for those who haven’t this promo video is for the upcoming Xbox. It’s the first controller-less entertainment system, it’s like the Nintendo Wii but 10x better. The Xbox 360 is already a great gaming system, you can talk to friends, send messages, watch movies (dvds,netflix,etc.), play games, go on to facebook, listen to music and so much more.

So why am I sharing this? It’s important to keep up on how people are communicating, you’ve seen how important social networking is and how fast it’s growing. Soon kids & adults will be able to video chat in an interactive environment from the comfort of their own homes (2:13). Obviously this technology already exists but soon it’ll be cheap enough for anyone to purchase.

Companies like Nintendo (Wii) & Microsoft (Xbox) are blurring the lines between gaming systems and home computers. It’s safe to assume that one day we’ll be communicating through these kind of technologies. When I started here at Grafik (1 year ago) 90% of the office were not on Facebook, and look at us now, you can’t get some of us off of it.?

These new and streamlined, forms of communication will change the way we think, work and design. New ideas, create new opportunities.

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