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Logo tournament

So how fitting is it that the best designer on is called Carrion.

I was on Facebook and low and behold what do I see:

So I click on to see what this is all about and all I can say is WOW. In a few hours you can get essentially free work from around the world. A world-class design bake-off that allows new businesses to pay $250 to have hours and hours and hours of work. AND If you want you can set the amount you will pay for a logo. Looking online at the prize money-the top ever paid is $700. WOW! What a fortune. And it gets better, In addition to working for a pittance, being pitted against your fellow professionals—I use that word loosely—you get to pay 15% of your commission to Fine print—if there are less than 30 submissions, the contest can be canceled.

If you venture into the site you can read half-inane posts from design wannabes all explaining how they are not being exploited and not harming our industry. And most arguments have more holes than swiss cheese. Spec work is spec work. Plain and simple. Exploitation is exploitation.

Ironically if you actually track down the owner of this site, Quinn Ventures—you will see an absolutely lovely logo with absolutely no information about the company whatsoever. Makes you kind or wonder…. And I wonder how much they paid the designer for that logo? Zip.

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