Introducing Studio G

As a branding and marketing agency, Grafik’s mission has always been somewhat the same: to uplift brands and the ambitious people behind them with the insights and creativity they need to become category leaders. But over our four decades in business, the way we communicate our ideas and expertise to the outside world has changed drastically. From faxing and printing to increasingly real-time digital communication channels like chatbots and Slack, we’ve been quick to jump on any modern medium that can help us inspire new possibilities for clients. Over the years, we’ve written hundreds of blog posts and case studies about our work, kept clients and partners in the loop through email newsletters, and shared our ideas onstage at industry events.

The latest channel on our radar? Podcasts. Next year, eMarketer reports that US adults will spend more time listening to digital audio than traditional radio, and podcast ad spending is expected to hit an all-time high. Driven by the mass adoption of smart phones and now smart speakers, businesses have invested millions in developing and promoting custom audio content for audiences around the globe. As a more personal, accessible format, podcasts have a unique and intimate appeal for both listeners and brands.

That’s why today, in honor of International Podcast Day, Grafik is proud to announce the release of our very first podcast, Studio G. It’s a show that focuses on the challenges, trends and big ideas buzzing around our agency, from the stories behind successful rebrands to the trials and tribulations of working with social media influencers. Our first several episodes tap into the strategic, creative and technical brilliance of in-house experts at Grafik, as well as the thoughtful perspectives of our amazing clients, who lead organizations of their own.

You can find all Studio G episodes here on Simplecast, or wherever you stream your podcasts. Each episode is between 10 and 20 minutes long. Take a listen, and we hope that you enjoy!

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