Brand Identity / 04.13.2017

Meet Watson, Your Personal Identity Protector [Video]

There have been numerous ads on how IBM’s Watson can help virtually every business from the automotive industry and insurance companies to tax preparation services, but have you heard how Watson can help you protect your identity?

Yes, our client, Identity Guard, is the first identity protection service to integrate Watson to help protect customers’ personal information. They have also leveraged Watson’s groundbreaking technology to better manage customers’ social media reputation (say goodbye to those regretful Facebook pictures from your buddy’s bachelor party!) and even join the fight against cyberbullying. Imagine a world where no child is ever harassed or threatened online again… now that’s “the right idea.”

This revolutionary partnership was unveiled at last month’s IBM InterConnect conference in Las Vegas and we here at Grafik have worked with Identity Guard on marketing some of their Watson integration work, including the production of this video that was showcased at the Vegas show.

We’re proud to have had the opportunity to spread the news on Identity Guard’s work with Watson and look forward to what “right ideas” this powerhouse partnership can come up with next.

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