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Gay Business Networking or Something?

Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be gay. Like today when I retrieved this email from my spam filter. It’s not because of my sexual orientation or any feelings of being unworthy. And it’s not very often, mind you. I’m an out and proud, “raise your hands in the air” when I wanna be kind of guy. But when I receive emails like this one from PEN DC, the metro area’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce, hosting a gay business owners networking event along with Discovery Communications I just have to pause.

Maybe it is a marketing ploy to lure younger vapid gay members. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t our younger generation becoming more socially and politically conscious— concerned with sustainability, green technologies, gay marriage? Sorry, that’s probably an unfair assumption to make about a population segment.

Perhaps this was conceived as a way to spice up the programming for the not-so-young members? And what about the “L” in LGBT?

No. Of course, the real lure is to learn about the points they’ve clearly outlined in the email and ad:


  • How he is building a brand around his success on the show.
  • The business of being a Supermodel.
  • The ins and the OUTs of being Gay in the modeling industry.
  • What life is really like as a Supermodel.

Cash bar provided by Eggspectation.

Ticket Prices include AFTER PARTY with Ronnie.

Oh yes, did I mention the 8:30-10:30PM “afterparty”? Hot!

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