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Culture & Events / 11.13.2014

Ties that Bind. Transforming the Continuum Fund.

I’ve learned a lot as part of the Grafik team for nearly 10 years, but nothing as important as the value of giving back to our design community. I owe this understanding to my boss, Judy Kirpich. From the day I started, she emphasized not only doing great work, but also the importance of using our design skills to help people. So when, earlier this year, Judy announced that she was stepping down from day-to-day management, we decided there was no better way to honor her than by participating in the AIGA DC 10 for 30 campaign. In the next two months, Grafik, along with 10 other studios in the D.C. area, are committed to raising money for the Continuum Fund—a design scholarship fund that sponsors the education of passionate young deserving designers from minority and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. As part of our fundraising effort, we launched “Ties that Bind,” an homage both to Judy’s textile art and the loyalty she inspires in others through her passion for excellence.

Please help us raise money and awareness for this effort Judy has passionately supported since its inception. The lives of the students receiving scholarships and support will be forever changed by our collective generosity.

Donate now.

Please note that all donations go directly to helping the fund build a permanent endowment—a sum large enough that, when properly invested, it can fund the scholarships in perpetuity.

Mila Arrisueno, Senior Designer
Mila Arrisueño

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