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Content Marketing is Only as Strong as You Make It

My friend called me up one day, telling me about a magical land of trendy fitness classes, eucalyptus towels, and a whole lot of sweat. This magical land was a new gym called Equinox.

How can someone speak so highly of a gym? Upon setting foot in the building, I instantly figured it out. When I got home I pulled up their website to find one closer to my house, and I proceeded to get lost on their blog and social media platforms for an hour.

Equinox is a gym…. yet I now go to them to get ideas for healthy recipes, stretches to try, and inspirational messages to get my butt up and moving to the gym. Equinox is no longer just a “gym” to me. Now they are a resource I go to for useful, relevant, and trusted information. They are selling an Equinox lifestyle, not just a membership.

They share recipes and food facts:

Restore Protein Within Two Hours of Exercise
Image by Equinox via Instagram

They know your holiday excuses and weaknesses.

Santa Should Not Be the Only One Working Hard Today
Image by Equinox via Instagram

They are witty.

Content Marketing Plank You Very Much
Image by Equinox via Instagram

And they give great life advice.

Eat the Yolk and Don't Wear Black Underwear with White Pants
Image by Equinox via Instagram

Nowhere do they say, “Buy a membership” or “Come to our gym”. They have a well thought-out and superbly executed content marketing strategy that makes me a loyal follower.

Content marketing builds your brand. Look at the clothing store that sends eblasts about fashion trends, the wine company that posts recipes that have wine as an ingredient, and the local hair stylist that blogs about celebrity haircuts.

Great content marketing will make your audience think and behave differently. It sticks with them and makes them brand ambassadors without their even realizing it. Look at me, I’m a brand ambassador for Equinox because of their A+ content marketing and I didn’t even know it.

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