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Grafik is “Blue All Over” and spreading the word for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Grafik has been fighting the fight against Prostate Cancer with partner and client, the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PFC) for two years since we were first chosen to work with the organization to evolve the brand, design their website and mobile app, and support them with ongoing programs and promotions. Inherent in Grafik culture, is our passion to support our clients in whatever way we can. So this month, Grafik is indeed “Blue All Over.” Our normally orange logo has gone blue . . . everywhere it appears—Twitter, Facebook, our blog . . . yes, even on the homepage of our website! And we are not stopping there.

We recently developed a microsite to launch the Blue All Over campaign, as well as designed t-shirts that are for sale on the site. Grafik has gifted a shirt to each staff member and has asked in return, that our staff “pay it forward” and reach out to an important man in their life, and spark an important conversation about becoming aware of prostate cancer by gifting the shirt to them. We will be sharing these stories all month. You can follow our progress with updates here on our blog, on facebook, and on twitter—#whatitoldhim.

The Join the Fight T-shirt to spread the word about Prostate Cancer Awareness
We are spreading the word with these great Grafik-designed shirts!

In other PCF news, Grafik was proud to be an invited guest at the ringing of the closing bell at NASDAQ this week. And trust me, it was a huge effort to make our way there!  Hurricane Irene threw a wrench in our transportation plans as Amtrak still wasn’t running. But with dogged determination, Lance and I got on a very shady magical, mystery bus, to support all of our friends at PCF for the ringing of the bell and the kickoff of the Take Aim campaign and Prostate Cancer Awareness month. It was a well worth the effort and a seriously cool experience.

PCF ringing the closing bell at NASDAQ
PCF ringing the closing bell at NASDAQ

So, stay tuned to see how the Grafites personally spread the word about prostate cancer. We know men don’t talk about it, but they should! So if you need some inspiration to talk to the important men in your life, check back here to find out how we have been doing it. I’m off to call my Dad and start the ball rolling.

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