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JK Moving Services Radio Spots Driving Leads Even Before The Busy Moving Season

JK Moving Services is back on the airwaves this spring with radio spots and banner ads designed to differentiate the company and underscore its brand mantra, What Matters Most. Over the past few years, all of us at Grafik have seen firsthand how JK goes above and beyond its competitors to deliver a worry-free move. Some of the features that separate the area’s largest independent mover from the rest of the pack are included in the new campaign.

On air for just a few weeks, the spots are clearly resonating with audiences. Advertising campaigns have consistently performed well over the past three years, but this time around, a tighter plan with new creative has led to big gains. “Due to our targeting, media, and messaging, we’ve seen a 61% increase in total web leads from this time last year,” says JK’s Marketing Director, Rebecca Chanin.

Kudos to the entire team and thanks to our partners at Flying Brick Radio and Capital Media. Looks like there will be a lot of worry-free moves in the coming weeks—across town, across country, and all the way around the world.

Check out one of the spots here:

Merchand Minor, Former Senior Manager, Client Services
Marchand Cox

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