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Google makes the rules. Here are the top 3 for 2020.
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My Account tab for an unsafe url
Why SSL is a marketing must

When Google updates its security protocol on June 30th, users will begin see a change to the URL bar based on whether or not their site is SSL certified on Google Chrome, the web’s most…

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ExMachina movie character
Is my job robot proof?

Intriguing as it is to imagine a world where artificial intelligence is so advanced we can be fooled into believing a robot is physically and emotionally human, I know I probably won’t live long enough…

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Dart missing target with white background
A plea against push notifications

Push notifications are part of the zeitgeist; a quick image search for ‘notifications shirt’ proves that. It has become clear to me that these well-intentioned distractions are less about keeping me ‘in the loop’, and…

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image of laptop dashboard
Reduce your tech stack to improve viability

Bob Dylan wrote “The times they are a changin” more than 50 years ago. People have listened to it on vinyl, cassette, CD, iPod, and streaming—same song, new delivery system—accepting these changes without question. Few…

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Blue Smart Home Design
The top 6 tech products making new homes smarter

“Ok, Google,” say “Hi” to Alexa and “Hey” to Siri. No matter how you say it and which platform you’re accustomed to speaking to, the bottom line is tech is making a big splash in…

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White robot with green eyes speaking through a headset
Don’t interrupt me; I’m talking to a chatbot

Watch a child playing alone with dolls or action figures, and in almost all cases you’ll hear a very lively discussion, with many different voices used and personas assumed. Are we hardwired to talk to…

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Read head woman tying her shoes while sitting on a blue and white chair
2018 digital marketing trends

Siri first whispered in my ear, but Alexa has my attention throughout the house—and beyond. As the phrase “Internet of Things” rapidly goes the way of the information superhighway, its replacement, the “Internet of Experiences,”…

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Images of earth with digital transformation line connections from different cities
Digital transformation will dominate in 2018

Regardless of what industry you’re competing in, digital transformation (DX) will be driven by the increasing global adoption of conversational UIs and mobile, digital and connected devices. Forrester predicts that “digital transformation will dominate business…

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