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Always listening: Can you still trust your microwave?
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2018 digital marketing trends

Siri first whispered in my ear, but Alexa has my attention throughout the house—and beyond. As the phrase “Internet of Things” rapidly goes the way of the information superhighway, its replacement, the “Internet of Experiences,”…

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Digital transformation will dominate in 2018

Regardless of what industry you’re competing in, digital transformation (DX) will be driven by the increasing global adoption of conversational UIs and mobile, digital and connected devices. Forrester predicts that “digital transformation will dominate business…

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Optimizing for mobile is essential to increase conversion rates
Mobile conversion rates lag behind desktop

Mobile web traffic, research, and shopping are increasing across all industries. All businesses are optimizing their websites to cater to this ever increasing if not dominant traffic source. While mobile optimization is vital to compete…

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Pivotal topics at Techweek 2017: AI and data intelligence

As D.C. continues to strengthen its reputation as a preeminent technology and innovation hub, it comes as no surprise that Techweek—a company dedicated to inspiring the growth of sustainable businesses through conferences—chose to host one…

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DC branding agency provides insight on the importance of technology in OOH ads with inspiration from Coca Cola
The Coca Cola billboard: It’s not what you say, but how you say it

Everyone is familiar with roadside billboards, bus stop advertisements, posters and banners on the metro. So familiar, in fact, that even if you do happen to notice them, you’re not going to be interested in…

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Wearable technology insights
4 telltale signs of revolutionary wearable tech

By 2019, one in five U.S. adults will be wearing technology (eMarketer). But as adoption grows and brands race to connect with potential consumers, there are four success factors they must consider before developing their…

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Code written by a developer
5 traits of a good developer

It’s undeniable that the world of developers today is pretty much an old boys club (actually, a young boys club). But the current state of the workforce is not an argument for men having a…

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Virtual reality in the real estate industry

Virtual reality (VR) may seem like our future, but it’s been our past—covertly—for much longer than most realize. Technically, we can trace the roots of VR to the invention of stereoscopic photos and viewers in…

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