Interactive Design Intern


Why are we even calling this an internship? It’s paid, it’s full time, and it can be the foundation of a great career, because you’ll be assisting top-notch, award-winning brand experts for six months or longer. Send us a portfolio we will envy (URL or 3-5 pieces in a PDF) and your résumé.

Desired skills & qualifications:

    •Strong sense of brand development and a willingness to help the department in all aspects of branding

    •Must be self-motivated, professional, detail oriented, and possess excellent oral and written communication skills

    •Strong comping, illustration, and tech skills

    •Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design

    •Animation, HTML, CSS, and front-end development skills are a plus

Interns can expect to learn:

    •Brand identity development

    •A good understanding of the print production process

    •How to build your portfolio

    •Experience working with a multidisciplinary team

    •Web design, UI design, cross-platform design, responsive design, wireframing and site-mapping

    •How to grow just the right skin thickness for this profession


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