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Account Manager


The Director of Account Management will have a passion for creating amazing client experiences, growing client accounts, and, thereby, the agency’s bottom line. In the same degree, the Director of Account Management will motivate and guide their team towards building long-standing relationships–providing unparalleled client-centered service coupled with a strong strategic vision for elevating and advancing our client’s brand and applying current and emerging trends to a full suite of marketing capabilities.

Entrepreneurial in nature, they will demonstrate and champion their team towards proactively leading our clients, offering new and forward-thinking ideas in the interest of building a client’s business and meeting organizational goals. Furthermore, they will have a proven history of building and managing account management teams that experience low turnover and achieve client growth.

The primary responsibilities of a Director of Account Management are to lead the development and adoption of the Grafik client experience vision, strategy, roadmap, and execution including management and oversight of clients, delivery, and the account management team.

The Director of Account Management will participate and lead their team in the following areas:

• Nurturing and growing great client relationships. The Director of Account Management will understand the important and valued success measurements for our clients. This includes navigating both the good and bad of a partnership and communicating effectively with a client to further cultivate a positive relationship and to bring resolution to challenges should they arise.

• Growing new business with existing client accounts. Work with your team to uncover opportunities to grow client accounts by staying ahead of their needs and becoming trusted advisors who are willing to make bold recommendations for their benefit. This will include collaborating with your team to develop sell-in strategies to realize growth opportunities.

• Advancing agency’s strategic direction and competitive advantage. Collaborate with leadership to pitch fresh, innovative ideas that help advance our business goals, service offerings and further establish Grafik as a thought leader in brand, positioning, and marketing.

• Continuous Process Improvement. Identify areas of opportunity, what is working, what needs to change, or where more effort can be focused to increase the performance of their team including following up with the internal team after a project or campaign is delivered to review successes, challenges, key learnings, and client feedback.



• Strong interpersonal skills—empathy, emotional intelligence, verbal skills, flexibility.

• Reputation for innovative thinking, strong troubleshooting, and problem-solving skills.

• Ability to hold Account Management team members accountable.

• A keen observer of trends, specifically among clients’ target audience.

• A confident, articulate presenter to both executive-level and general public audiences.

• Ability to work on a team interactively and with the client while having personable qualities that persuade people to do what needs to be done in order to achieve set goals.

• Ability to set specific goals and be knowledgeable of the steps needed to reach goals. Goals should be attainable and measurable when it comes to progress with reasonable time frames to accomplish them.

• Ability to express ideas and information in writing and verbally, in a manner that is complete, clear, concise, organized, respectful, and appropriate to the audience.

• Ability to listen to others, be open-minded to and evaluate suggestions from others.

• Ability to multitask, and work well under tight deadlines is required, has a sense of urgency to obtain results while maintaining a positive attitude under pressure.

• Interest and willingness to continue education/training in emerging areas required.

• Ability to travel for client-related meetings, internal team meetings, or professional development.

• A commitment to sharing in the collective success of Grafik and its team members.


Skills & Talents:

A successful Account Manager will possess the following level of skills, qualifications and experience:

• Bachelor’s degree in marketing/communications/business or related degree.

• Attention to detail and organizational skills.

• Three to five years of relevant work experience managing Account Management teams to success in a marketing agency environment.

• Full awareness of creative processes and techniques – including digital strategies and platforms.

• Working knowledge of commonly used document management software (Google Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, etc) is required.

• Knowledge of graphic design principles, a wide variety of media, and production methods is required.



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