Principal, SVP, Client Services and Operations

Heather Steiger

Heather brings to Grafik her passion for business development, strategic and financial planning, and all things operations—from contract negotiations, vendor relations and risk management to talent acquisition and retention. Prior to merging with Grafik, she co-founded 2120 Creative in the Philadelphia region where she spent 16+ years cultivating relationships in the business community and managing the business Ops of the agency so creatives and technophiles could keep executing on strong marketing strategies. While driven when it comes to business, Heather enjoys her down time. Whether in the garden, reading, discovering new eats with her husband, laughing with her two children, traveling, or making spontaneous plans with friends —one thing remains true about Heather, she’s always up for an adventure. However, her focus and intensity return over a game of Scrabble, where she will, via a triple word tile, destroy your quixotic attempt to beat her.