Senior Account Manager

Ali McEwen

Ali McEwen is an experienced professional with 15+ years of proven client/agency growth. She truly loves to roll her sleeves up and dig into her client’s business, pouring her heart into all the data, she also has a unique ability to foster and grow relationships at every level and is an established strategic thinker who excels in developing strong account teams focused on data-driven insights to grow revenue and incomparable results.

While Ali excels at marketing project planning, execution, and leadership, her skills with analytics and measurement coupled with her ability to utilize data for progress has been a remarkable asset to all her clients and for each company, she has touched. At Grafik, Ali supports clients like American College of Radiology, NRTC, Wolf Group Capital Advisors and Buzzard Point.

When Ali isn’t running Accounts, she spends her free time with her kids – usually at their sporting events, enjoying the fresh air, and of course a good Netflix binge. It’s also worth noting that Ali is a classically trained vocalist who loves to sing along to any and all songs in her operatic style.