SVP, Chief Creative Strategist

Hal Swetnam

Veteran creative director, occasional voice talent, and incessant whistler, Hal is Grafik’s top creative strategist. Early in his career, he created memorable advertising campaigns for such notable brands as Hilton, Exxon Mobil, and National Geographic. Now, nearly 30 years later, he’s spending most of his time in boardrooms working through brand strategies with C-suite executives. Always eager to tackle another corporate mantra, Hal helps clients articulate the one truly authentic principle that’s relevant to all audiences and stakeholders.

His work separates Grafik from other branding firms, and distinguishes our clients from every competitor. He’s been an essential part of Grafik for nearly 15 years, leading naming efforts, overseeing the development of powerful brand identities, and helping to establish some of our most transformative strategies, including our work for JK Moving Services, The Neighborhoods of EYA, CFF, WTOP, and The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.


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