David Collins, Principal, Creative Director

Principal, Creative Director

David Collins

The wheels in David’s head are always spinning at top speeds. For more than 25 years, he’s been the consummate solutions provider, delivering the kind of thinking that helps clients catapult over competitors. As UX and CX best practices quickly evolve, David deftly adapts and adopts, building on a foundation of great design. Early in his career, he created award-winning brand identities for national and international brands. Nowadays, he develops robust brand experiences  with the same meticulous eye and thoughtful craft. If you don’t spot him at his desk, look for him by the coffee machine — he’s usually on his fourth cup by 8:15 am.


David Collins's favorite things
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David Collins's latest thinking
Stick figure in a time machine design
Ever changing
Grafik turned 40 this year. An impressive feat. Not many small companies in our industry make it that long. There is a reason that Grafik has survived, and it goes back to what Judy Kirpich,…
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Buyer journey thumbnail design
How a smart buyer’s journey guides website personalization
In a previous blog, I mentioned website personalization as a key to engaging audiences and improving mobile experiences. What, precisely, is website personalization, and how can it help your business? Rather than following a broad…
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Optimizing for mobile is essential to increase conversion rates
Mobile conversion rates lag behind desktop
Mobile web traffic, research, and shopping are increasing across all industries. All businesses are optimizing their websites to cater to this ever increasing if not dominant traffic source. While mobile optimization is vital to compete…
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